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Intelligence, analytics, and attribution for ads on Canadian podcasts.

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Track activity of brands running on podcasts downloaded in Canada

Filter advertisers by ad type preference, campaign approach, campaign dates, and more.

As a publisher, tailor your sales outreach to prospects already spending on podcast advertising.

Build a watchlist of your chosen brands to see where advertisers are spending with competitors as they go live.

Sample screenshot of a Canadian advertiser analysis on Magellan AISample screenshot of Canadian podcast advertisers on Magellan AISample screenshot of a Canadian podcast ad player on Magellan AI

Podcast analysis

A comprehensive breakdown of every major podcast

Get a snapshot of the ad industry, position, and frequency makeup for any Canadian podcast.

Review stats, including whether the podcast offers host-read ads and the percentage of direct response vs. brand advertisers.

See which podcasts an advertiser sticks with, and which they drop after a short test.

Sample screenshot of an Australian podcast advertiser analysis on Magellan AISample screenshot of a Canadian podcast analysis on Magellan AI

Ad verification

Aircheck and audit every placement to maximize your ad investments

Delivery errors are all too common. Receive realtime notifications to detect problems with ad reads and placements the same day they occur.

Magellan AI’s aircheck tools ensure ad spend efficiency and performance, while identifying make-good opportunities for advertisers – or liabilities for publishers.

Verify vanity URL or promo code reads for accuracy and count, and give proper credit for bonus spots that drop in an episode.

Sample screenshot of Magellan AI Canada aircheck and ad verification toolsSecond sample screenshot of Magellan AI Australia aircheck and ad verification tools


Verifiable campaign attribution for podcast and video campaigns

Visual tools help track views, visits, and conversion events across podcasts, streaming audio, and video – including Youtube.

Variable exposure and look-back windows provide custom views by day, week, and month.

Review key metrics and surface your most critical data with custom reporting tools.

A sample screenshot of the Magellan AI dashboard delivery and reach breakdownA sample screenshot of the Magellan AI dashboard reporting table

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This is just the tip of the iceberg! Magellan AI offers a broad range of in-depth tools to take control of your podcast advertising. Let us custom-tailor a demo for you and your team.

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