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Magellan AI captures all ads, and therefore all advertisers in the top 3,000 podcasts each week with over 30,000 to date. Magellan AI provides details like estimated spend, automated emails highlighting new advertisers, and a customizable watchlist for over 19,000 advertisers. 

Tap into unrivaled competitive intelligence to refine your sales approach. Reach the brands you know are ready and able to invest.

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Advertisers are using Magellan AI to find their next placement. Help them find your podcast with up to date details about your show(s) and how to reach you.

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Top publishers rely on Magellan AI for competitive intelligence necessary to increase revenue

  • Find new advertisers to target with advanced search and filtering including including estimated spend, type of ads run, campaign approach, genres, or specific podcasts
  • Discover where and how much your prospects are spending
  • Browse shows similar to yours and find out which brands appear in their ads
  • Tailor your sales outreach to prospects already spending on podcast advertising
  • Receive weekly email alerts with a list of advertisers that are new to podcast advertising
  • Know your prospect’s offers before you reach out



  • Keep a watchlist of your chosen brands to see where advertisers are spending with competitors
  • See how your share of spend compares
  • Stay informed with notifications about where your tracked advertisers are appearing


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